Auto Repair Tips

Auto Repair Tips for Tires

If you have ever purchased a used vehicle, it is important to have a few auto repair tips on hand. In these days and time, a new vehicle is recalled for various problems. So, you can best believe a used vehicle will have its own problems for you to worry about. Just like no two people, no two vehicles are the same. Engines don’t quit at the same time, gas doesn’t burn the exact same, and the life of the vehicle is determined by the care of the owner. So, here are some general tips that will help you extend the life of your vehicle for years to come.


We’re going to focus on repairing/replacing a bad tire. At least once in a lifetime, we experience a flat, a blowout, or simply having a bad tire. Although we know what is required, we may not know the consequences of what we choose to do. Here are some tips on the options available in repairing/replacing a tire:
Plugging Tires
Whenever that time comes, there are auto shops that will repair a tire for a fraction of the cost of a new tire. This may seem appealing to most drivers, but it is usually a bad idea. When a tire is repaired, the shop determines the puncture in the tire and then plugs it. The issue with this process is that plugging a tire alters the tire’s structure and limits the life of the tire. This leads to risks, while driving down the road. The tire could blow out and put the driver and passengers’ lives in danger. At the same, you end up buying a new tire and accumulating two unnecessary expenses.
Over-the-counter Flat Repairs
Decades ago, buying “tire repair in a can” was the “in thing”. A large number of people would purchase the chemical in a can that sealed wherever the leak was in your tire. It seemed like a great idea, because you didn’t have to pay someone to do it and you didn’t have to wait in line to have the work done. The only downside was the issue with the chemical in the can. Although the sealant would stop the leak for a period of time, it would also deteriorate the tire. Eventually, the tire would weaken, leading to a possible blow out or other issues like another leak.
Safety First
Although no one is sitting around, waiting to buy a new tire, it is important to choose the safest option. Sometimes, buying a used tired is more valuable than using a “flat repair in a can”. So as you draw up your list of auto repair tips, consider the options you have available for a damaged tire. Hopefully, this guides you to make better decisions in the future.